Saturday, October 15, 2011

Racing In Paradise

A rare occasion when the driver was as stunning as the car. Unfortunately my powers of vintage Ferrari detection are decidedly lacking, so I won't embarrass myself further by trying to identify the vehicle in question.

Via: Alfa Bulletin Board.

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  1. I quess it is Monza 860 of John von Neumann. Von Neumann had an habit of painting his Porsches red and Ferraris silver. As only three 860 Monzas was ever made and the pictured car has an american flag in it that further backs my theory. Also dashboard is red which suggests that silver was not the original colour.

    Btw. nice blog. I almost lost myself there :)
    Here is the link for Von Neumanns restored Monza 860:

    There is very similar picture of the dashboard of 860. That car has very nice race history as Fangio/Castellotti won Sebring 12 hours in 1956 in it and later it was campaigned by Phil Hill and Richie Ginther late 1956 and early 1957 seasons after von Neumann acquired it.

    750 Monza was very similar in appearance and Von Neumann owned one of these also but it didn't had the bulge on the hood and dashboard had some differences also. That one is also restored: However that 750 Monza seems to have similar steering wheel as on the cover on the race program.