Monday, June 20, 2011

World's Wildest Corvair

There's not much room left for groceries when you stuff a blown V8 in the back seat.


  1. I remember the days when people were spaying tint on windows like this.

  2. Tinted windows were big at the drag strip. Improved your E.T.......

  3. Wagons aren't your typical "Corv-8" conversion. Having said that, I've seen this kind of conversion done on a few wagons as well as a front-engined one sitting on a '55 Chevy chassis, one with an aluminum Buick 215 out back, and one with a turbocharged Pinto 2.3L inline-4 in the back seat! (We Corvair guys are nothing if not imaginitive... ) The "Pie Crust" slicks on old school Torq-Thrusts out back and skinnies on drag spokes give this little Lakewood one mean look!