Friday, June 12, 2009

The Giant Killers

For many years the concept of a high performance Volkswagen seemed totally contradictory. To the uneducated, the suggestion that the lowly Volkswagen Beetle may be able to humiliate both European and American machinery over the quarter mile would appear to be sheer nonsense. The sight of the humble "people's car" standing on its rear wheels like some untamed stallion is totally incongruous to the average driver. Yet this is exactly the sight that greeted many an unsuspecting opponent both on and off the track.

Eliciting extensive reserves of horsepower from motors of small capacity has long been the domain of those who championed the Beetle. Volkswagen afficionados have always been the underdog, having much less to work with than many of their adversaries. The VW was never designed with racing in mind. Perhaps this was the force that drove those deranged owners to embarass their rivals. Whatever the reasoning behind their dedication, it is always a delight to see a dark horse upset the favourite.

Long Live The Underdog.

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